Visit Hitachi Vantara Benefits Direct to enroll in your benefits. You have 31 days from your hire date to sign up. You can enroll after you receive your instructional email from Hitachi Vantara Benefits Direct—it usually arrives a few days after you start work. After you get that email, don’t delay! If you miss your 31-day enrollment window, you will automatically be enrolled in company-sponsored benefits (Basic Life, Basic AD&D, Long Term Disability and Business Travel Accident Insurance) and any state-mandated benefits. Your next chance to enroll will be during Open Enrollment in the fall, unless you have a qualifying life event.

You also can sign up or make changes to your benefits after a “qualifying life event”—that’s a legal term for big life events, such as having a baby or getting married. After such a change, you have 31 days to sign up for new programs or make changes to your current plans.

Sign Up for Benefits

Just follow the instructions on the Hitachi Vantara Benefits Direct Welcome Page. Before you confirm your choices and log out, run through this quick checklist:

  • Select your medical, dental and vision coverage. You need to enroll in a medical plan if you also want to have vision coverage.
  • Selecting the UHC Consumer HSA Plan? If enrolling for the first time, establish your HSA with Optum Bank.
  • Kaiser HSA Plan (California only) enrollees: Open your HSA by accepting the “terms and conditions” when you go through the enrollment site. Doing so allows WageWorks, the HSA administrator for this plan, to open an HSA for you with Health Equity. You may need to provide additional information at a later date. If so, both WageWorks and Hitachi Vantara will contact you.
  • Enroll in your Health Care and/or Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs). Keep in mind that if you enroll in a medical plan with a Health Savings Account, you cannot have a Health Care FSA.
  • Provide Social Security numbers for any covered dependents over age 1.
  • Add dependents and beneficiaries, if needed.
  • Enroll in the Retirement and Savings 401(k) Plan. The plan administrator, Fidelity, will send you details separately on how to do so.

Remember to add emergency contacts, too. You can do this via Oracle Self Service.

Change My Benefits or Beneficiaries

There are certain times each year when you can enroll in and/or change your benefits. However, you can change your beneficiaries at any time through Hitachi Vantara Benefits Direct.

During Open Enrollment

This is your once-a-year opportunity—unless you have a qualifying life event—to review your current benefits, see if they still fit your needs and make any changes.

After a Qualifying Life Event

Outside of Open Enrollment, you can change your benefits if you have a qualifying life event. Make benefits changes within 31 days if you:

  • Marry, divorce, legally separate or change a domestic partner relationship.
  • Give birth, adopt or change legal custody for a child.
  • Lose coverage because your spouse/domestic partner dies.
  • Lose or gain coverage because you or your spouse/domestic partner changes employment status.
  • Lose or gain coverage because you or your spouse/domestic partner changes jobs.
  • Lose or gain coverage because the Open Enrollment window for your spouse/domestic partner is different than Hitachi Vantara’s enrollment.