What You Need to Know

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, your Hitachi Vantara benefits are here to help you move forward – providing enhanced healthcare coverage, as well as resources to help you manage stress and support other aspects of your daily life.

Medical and Prescription Coverage
Dental and Vision Coverage
Feeling Stressed or Worried?
Help Caring for Loved Ones
Active Wellness
About Your 401(k) Plan

Medical and Prescription Coverage

If you’re enrolled in a Hitachi Vantara medical plan, you have access to enhanced medical and prescription drug coverage during the COVID-19 national emergency.

If you believe you may have been exposed to COVID-19 or have symptoms such as fever, cough or difficulty breathing, call your healthcare provider right away. Only healthcare providers can order a COVID-19 test.

Both Anthem and Kaiser offer telehealth/video visits, where you can confidentially chat with a board-certified doctor via telephone or a secure online link. No long waits in a waiting room. No time spent driving.  Plus, your covered family members can use the service, too.

Anthem Members

  • Start by visiting Anthem’s COVID-19 Resource Center, which shares the latest news about testing, vaccines and treatment, as well as links to Anthem’s tools and resources that can support your physical and mental health.
  • Then, download the Sydney Care app, which offers personalized symptom checking, real-time treatment from real doctors, prescriptions and labs ordered — all from your mobile device.
  • COVID-19 Testing: All Anthem plans cover COVID-19 testing and the care visit where the test takes place with no out-of-pocket costs. You can find a COVID-19 testing location near you, but be sure to talk to your doctor first to be certain you need a COVID-19 test. A doctor must order a COVID-19 test for you.
  • COVID-19 Treatment: If you or anyone covered by your health plan needs to be treated for COVID-19, your benefits will cover the care with no copays or cost-sharing through January 31, 2021, as long as you receive treatment from doctors, hospitals and other healthcare professionals in your plan’s network. This benefit may not apply to all members. Please call your healthcare concierge, Amino, at 1-833-33AMINO, or the Member Services number on your Anthem ID card to confirm your COVID-19 benefits.
  • Prescription Drugs: Anthem has relaxed early prescription refill limits, where permitted, for members who have Anthem pharmacy benefits and wish to refill a 30-day supply of most maintenance medications early.
  • Connect with Amino for more information about your plan’s coverage. Amino is your 24/7 healthcare concierge service, that can help you navigate and make sense of your Anthem medical plan coverage and services. 

Kaiser Members

  • Start with Kaiser’s special Coronavirus and COVID-19 webpage, which includes the latest news articles and videos about testing, vaccines and treatment. 
  • As a Kaiser Permanente member, you won’t have to pay for costs related to COVID-19 screening or testing if referred by a Kaiser Permanente doctor. If you’re diagnosed with COVID-19, additional services, including hospital admission (if applicable), will be covered according to your plan details.

Dental and Vision Coverage

For Dental coverage, visit Delta Dental’s COVID-19 updates page

For Vision coverage, visit VSP’s COVID-19 Resource Page

Feeling Stressed or Worried?

Your EAP Can Help

If you’re concerned about the coronavirus or feeling stressed about anything else, you and your family members can speak with a professional through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), provided by Anthem. 

Receive unlimited free, confidential counseling sessions by phone, and up to eight free, in-person sessions. Additional sessions may be covered under your medical plan. Call Anthem at 1-800-865-1044 at any time — 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Or log on to Anthem’s EAP website with the Company Code: Hitachi

Medical Plan Support, Too

  • Anthem plan members: Anthem is one of several national health insurers who have joined with Psych Hub and mental health advocates to develop a free web-based resource to support members’ mental health needs. Psych Hub offers a range of resources to help you and your family deal with pandemic-related stress such as social isolation, job loss and other mental health issues.
  • Kaiser members: In addition to caring for your physical health, Kaiser offers its members many digital tools and articles to support your mental health and emotional wellness. In particular, you can download, at no cost, two mobile, self-care apps:
    1. Calm, a powerful meditation and sleep app.
    2. myStrength, a personalized program that helps you improve your awareness and adapt to life. 

Leaving Hitachi Vantara?

If you have recently left or are leaving Hitachi Vantara, you are able to continue your healthcare coverage through COBRA. By paying for COBRA coverage, you will have access to the special COVID-19 benefits mentioned above, as well as virtual visits.

Help Caring for Loved Ones

Child Care

If you need back-up child or elder care, Bright Horizons continues to offer its in-home care program (and center-based care in limited areas).

Bright Horizons also provides guidelines specific to COVID-19 on its website. And, to ensure the health and safety of the families with children in their care, they’ve developed special COVID-19 protocols for their centers, including small group sizes and intensive hygiene and cleaning practices. 

To request back-up care now, or to set up an account for your future needs:

  • Go to backup.brighthorizons.com or download the Back-Up Care app (Apple Store or Google Play). 
  • If you already have an account: Log in to your profile.
  • If you are a first-time user: Under the "Don't Have a Bright Horizons Login?" click "Sign Up" and enter Employer Username: HitachiVantarabackup | Password: Hitachi, then click “Verify Employer” to register.
  • Once you create a profile and care recipients are added, navigate to “Reservations” to request a new reservation.

During this COVID-19 situation, Bright Horizons is currently experiencing high call volumes and recommends registering online or through its mobile app.

Bright Horizons also provides support and resources for everyone affected by stay-at-home or remote learning situations – parents, elders and children. These include practical guides and tips for caregivers, ideas for fun and educational activities, podcasts, webinars, and more. Visit their Life at Home webpage for more information. 

Daily Workouts with Active Wellness

Physical activity can boost your mood and energy levels, and now it’s even easier to get a workout done, in the comfort of your own home. The Active Wellness Daily Workout is an at-home workout that’s free to access, with each video providing instructions in less than 90 seconds. Visit Active's At-Home Workout Program on YouTube, and click “Subscribe.”

About Your 401(k) Plan

During these challenging times, you may be concerned about your Hitachi Vantara 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan account. Hitachi partners with Fidelity, who administers the plan and provides access to professionally managed investments and experienced retirement services professionals. Go to Fidelity’s home page to log in to your account and stay up to date with their COVID-19 news page, where there's timely information about dealing with volatile markets, and more.