No need to get out of bed when you’re sick! When you are a UnitedHealthcare (UHC) member, the doctor is always in. Save time, money and hassle when you use UHC’s virtual doctors, accessible 24/7 by phone or secure video.

What Can a Virtual Doctor Do For You?

  • Prescribe medicine and send it directly to your local pharmacy.
  • Diagnose minor illnesses.
  • Provide second opinions.
  • Answer your medical questions.
  • Provide counseling.

Register Easily on Your Smart Phone

Download either Amwell or Doctor on Demand app from your smart phone or tablet today! You can also register online.

Who Are the Doctors?

UHC partners with Doctor on Demand and Amwell to provide access to board-certified doctors. You get to choose which one you want, if available.

What Does It Cost?

Fees are usually about $40 to $50 per visit. When you compare this to an average $150 for an in-person visit, it’s a pretty good deal!

Is Virtual Counseling Available, Too?

Yes! You can meet with a psychiatrist or therapist through private, secure video-conferencing. Just take these 3 steps:

  1. Visit Live and Work Well and use access code: Hitachi.
  2. Under Quick Links, select “Find a Provider” or call 888-296-0110.
  3. Click “Telemental Health” to find a provider licensed in your state.

Clinicians can evaluate and treat general mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. They can also provide therapy and, when appropriate, prescribe medications (as allowed by individual state laws.) Treatment is provided by clinicians who are part of Optum’s behavioral health network.

When Would I Use a Virtual Doctor?

When you’re in need of routine care but don’t want to wait for an appointment with your regular doctor, scheduling a virtual visit is the way to go. They can often see you faster, and in most cases will cost less. It’s also great when you’re busy, traveling for work or on vacation.

Your Quick Guide for Choosing Care

Is your illness or injury life-threatening?

Oh no! Call 911 or go
to the ER.

Are you in severe pain, like you just broke your arm, got a deep cut or were severely burned?

Go to urgent care.

Is it a common or minor illness?

Contact a virtual doctor!
They can help diagnose
a minor illness or write a

Do you need to see a doctor today?

Contact a virtual doctor!
They are available 24/7.

Go to urgent care.
You can still use a virtual doctor, or make an appointment with your primary care physician. But remember that virtual visits will always cost less and will save you time, even if it’s not urgent.


Virtual visits are not available in Alaska and Arkansas.