With the WellPerk benefit, you can take care of your physical and/or mental health and be reimbursed up to $650 each year for eligible expenses, like exercise and wellness programs, and equipment to help you stay healthy.

Seek Reimbursement

Complete an online expense report through Oracle iExpense using the WellPerk expense template. Submissions are due by December 31.

Eligible Expenses

During the COVID-19 crisis, we have expanded the list of expenses that can be covered by the WellPerk benefit. You may now also use this benefit for family support expenses such as meal/food delivery, indoor entertainment like videos on demand, child care and other family-related items to help make your life a little easier.  

Get reimbursed up to $650 for expenses such as:

  • Gym memberships 
  • Race, marathon and greens fees (golf) 
  • Personal training 
  • Fitness classes:
    1. Yoga, Pilates, karate, spinning, kickboxing, bootcamp 
    2. Orangetheory Fitness studios, barre classes and more  
  • Exercise equipment 
  • Fitness trackers 
  • Meditation sessions or apps
  • Massages 
  • Nutritional counseling

All expenses must be submitted by December 31, 2020. If you don’t submit your 2020 expense by this date, you forfeit the benefit and must wait until the following year to use this benefit.

Note: Family membership fees will only be reimbursed if the fee cannot be broken down to the individual level. 

Who’s Eligible 

All regular employees are eligible for this benefit, with some exclusions, including:

  • Temporary or contract employees. 
  • Mobile workers on assignment from outside the U.S. 
  • Japanese expats or entrusted.

The effective date for this WellPerk benefit is April 1, 2020. If you already submitted expenses through the previous Gym Reimbursement benefit ($500 maximum), you may submit additional expenses (up to a combined total of $650) by December 31, 2020, using the WellPerk expense template.