Hitachi Vantara designs our medical plans to help you get affordable care when you need it. All plans cover many of the same services and prescriptions, but there are some differences. We offer three plans:

  • UnitedHealthcare Core HSA
  • UnitedHealthcare Plus HSA (formerly UnitedHealthcare Consumer HSA)
  • Kaiser HSA (only available to employees in Northern and Southern California)

Review the medical plan chart for an at-a-glance look at what each plan covers. Be sure to review the prescription drug benefits, too, so you know how medications you and your family take are covered.

You can find detailed information in our plan documents.

If you're enrolled in the Kaiser HSA plan, please take note of what care is covered outside of California.

Preventive care is important. Not only is it covered at 100% on our plans, but flu shots and vaccines are covered as well


The Guardian PPO plan is available to all employees. With this plan, you may see any dentist you like, but will pay less when you use an in-network provider. Looking for an in-network dentist? Visit to search for an in-network dentist near you.

You can find detailed information in our plan documents.


Hitachi Vantara provides three vision plans for you to choose from:

With EyeMed or VSP, you can receive vision care services from any provider you choose. However, you’ll pay less when you use in-network providers.

Even if you don’t participate in EyeMed or VSP, you can still choose the Hitachi Vantara Vision Reimbursement Plan, which reimburses you up to $250 each year for each family member you cover.

You must be enrolled in an Hitachi Vantara medical plan to enroll in any of these plans.

EyeMed and VSP both offer a discount on hearing aids, and it's coordinated with your medical coverage. Your medical plan will cover its share of the cost, and then the discount will be applied to whatever amount is leftover as long as you use an in-network provider.

  • All VSP members can save on hearing aids through TruHearing®. TruHearing is a discount medical organization that contracts with a national network of audiologists and hearing instrument specialists for aggressive discounts on state-of-the-art digital hearing aids. Visit the VSP TruHearing site for more information.
  • EyeMed participants can save on hearing aids through EyeMed's partnership with Amplifion Hearing Healthcare. Check out all hearing resources.

Find detailed information in our plan documents.