Health Advocacy and Concierge Services

what you need to know

TouchCare is your first-stop, concierge healthcare partner for your Hitachi benefits plans.

TouchCare Health Assistants can help with a range of issues and questions about your benefits. This includes:

  • Benefit navigation: Assists with more than just medical insurance and can help you if you have questions about your Health Savings Account.
  • Bill negotiation: Need help navigating an incorrect invoice? TouchCare Health Assistants will work on your behalf to fix any errors.
  • Cost comparison: Can ensure that you never overpay for care, by researching all options and costs.
  • Provider search: Get help finding highly rated providers that are in-network and nearby.

TouchCare Health Assistants can also help with prescription drug questions, leveraging the other benefits you have, and offering you a benefits refresher whenever you need one.

Call 1-866-486-8242 or email to get started.


Healthcare Advocacy and Concierge Services



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