LGBTQ+ Health Care Support

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Hitachi employees and their eligible dependents can access Included Health, a dedicated care concierge and healthcare navigation service that specializes in connecting LGBTQ+ people and their loved ones with high-quality, affirming care.

To get personalized, affirming healthcare support, activate your free Included Health membership.

With Included Health, you and members of your family get confidential support for all LGBTQ+ health-related needs, at no cost to you. It’s the place to start when you have questions about providers, insurance or support services related to inclusive healthcare.

Personalized Navigation for LGBTQ+ Affirming Care

Included Health cuts through red tape and eliminates hassles by helping you find vetted, culturally competent, high-quality providers. They help you navigate the complexities of gender-affirming surgery, schedule appointments, get authorizations, access resources and support groups, start to build your family, and more!

One-on-One Advocacy for Ongoing Needs

With Included Health, you’ll have your very own care coordinator to support all your ongoing needs. They go beyond simply pairing you with providers – they focus on finding the right support to address your individual issues, like understanding your health benefits, coming out at work, managing a legal name change and parenting an LGBTQ+ youth.

Want to learn more? Visit the Included Health page dedicated to Hitachi employees. Or, activate your account today.


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