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Anthem medical plan members have access to free health management benefits that proactively support specific conditions.

Chronic Condition Management

Livongo is a free program (available to Anthem medical plan members only) designed to help you successfully manage chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension. Participants receive advanced blood glucose meters, unlimited blood glucose strips and blood pressure monitor —along with real-time support from a certified health coach when you need it — at no extra charge! You’ll also receive useful information that will help you manage your blood sugar and blood pressure and feel your best.

Livongo’s coaches are Certified Diabetes Educators who support you on your journey to better health.

Your information is safe, secure and confidential. You may view and access your records at any time — and share them with your doctors if and when you want to.

Joint and Back Pain Support

As an Anthem medical plan member, you have access to Hinge Health at no cost to you.

Hinge Health offers digital programs that can help you reduce back and joint pain. Get started by calling (855) 902-2777, or apply at (use employer code Hitachi). Once you sign up, you’ll receive a Hinge Health Toolkit.

  • Feel confident in your form. With a free tablet and wearable sensors, you can receive live feedback on your form during stretches and exercises.
  • Personalized exercise therapy. You’ll be guided through 15-minute sessions, and the level of difficulty will increase when you’re ready.
  • One-on-one health coaching. Your coach can provide personalized support via text, email or phone to help you reach your goals.


Diabetes and Hypertension Management



Back and Joint Pain Support

Hinge Health

Employer: Hitachi

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