We work hard at Hitachi Vantara, but everyone needs to take time off to rest, manage his or her personal life and recharge those batteries.

Flexible Paid Time Off—Exempt Employees

Take as many days off per year as you need with manager approval to recharge. Please request your time off with as much advanced notice as possible, though we recognize sometimes needs come up on short notice. All approved paid time off needs to be recorded in myTIME using the appropriate pay code.

Flexible Paid Time Off does not replace paid holidays, volunteer time off, sick pay, bereavement leave, jury duty leave, short- and long-term disability and any other leaves provided by Hitachi Vantara.

Vacation—Non-Exempt Employees

Hitachi Vantara provides vacation time based on your years of service:

  • You accrue 120 hours (15 days) of vacation per year from your hire date until you hit your fifth anniversary.
  • Starting the first day of your fifth year of service, you accrue 160 hours (20 days) of vacation per year.

You earn vacation each pay period throughout the year. When you have reached the maximum amount you can earn (15 or 20 days, depending on how long you've been with Hitachi Vantara), you won’t earn additional vacation hours until you take time off and your vacation balance falls below the maximum.

All approved paid time off needs to be recorded in myTIME using the appropriate pay code.

Paid Holidays

Hitachi Vantara observes 11 paid holidays each year. Employees who are not regularly scheduled to work on a day recognized by Hitachi Vantara as a holiday are eligible to take a day off in lieu of the traditional holiday. The day off must be taken within a week of the recognized holiday unless pre-approved by management. The day in lieu needs to be recorded in myTIME using pay code “holiday taken.”

Date Holiday
January 1 New Year's Day
February 17 Presidents' Day
April 22 Earth Day
May 4 Founders Day
May 25 Memorial Day
July 3 Independence Day
September 7 Labor Day
November 26 Thanksgiving
November 27 Thanksgiving Holiday
December 24 Christmas Holiday
December 25 Christmas Day

Sick Pay

Feeling under the weather? Need to care for a sick family member? You receive up to 80 hours of sick time each year to take time to care for yourself or for ill family members.

Part-time employees receive 40 hours of sick leave each year, and interns who have been employed for at least 90 days receive 24 hours of sick leave each year.

You may take up to 40 hours of your annual allotted sick time per calendar year to bond with your newborn, or to care for a child who is placed in your home through adoption or foster care. Unused sick time does not carry over from year to year.

If you need to take more time than that, we have benefits for extended absences from work.

Volunteer Time Off

Hitachi Vantara offers Volunteer Time Off (VTO) to encourage you to take time off during the workweek to participate in volunteer activities at schools, Hitachi Vantara-sponsored community events or nonprofit charitable organizations with IRS 501(c)(3) status.

  • Full-time employees receive 8 hours of VTO for the calendar year.
  • Part-time employees receive 4 hours of VTO for the calendar year.

VTO is for local opportunities only, and you need your manager’s approval before taking time off. Submit VTO requests directly through myTIME.

Bereavement Leave

You may take up to 40 hours paid leave in the event of a death in your immediate family. If you need additional time, you may use accrued vacation or unpaid personal leave; your manager must approve additional time away. For the purpose of bereavement leave, your immediate family includes your:

  • Spouse, parent, step-parent, child, sibling, grandchild or grandparent.
  • Spouse’s parent, step-parent, child or sibling.
  • Child’s spouse.

Jury Duty Leave

You may take up to 10 paid days each calendar year if you get called upon to serve as a juror.