What You Need to Know

Vision Service Plan (VSP) coverage offers an extensive network of optometrists and eye care specialists to keep your vision crystal clear. You may receive vision care from any provider you choose. However, you’ll pay less when you use in-network providers.

Find an in-network provider at vsp.com.

Benefits at a Glance

  In-Network Out-of-Network
  You Pay: Plan reimburses you:
Eye Exam (once every 12 months) $15 copay Up to $45
Frames (once every 12 months) $200 allowance, then 20% discount off remaining balance Up to $70
Prescription Lenses
Single-Vision $15 copay Up to $30
Bifocal $15 copay Up to $50
Trifocal $15 copay Up to $65
Lens Enhancements
Antireflective Coating Single: $41; Multifocal: $41 N/A
Polycarbonate Single: $31; Multifocal: $35 N/A
Progressive Single: N/A; Multifocal: $0 N/A
Photochromic Single: $75; Multifocal: $75 N/A
Scratch-Resistant Single: $17; Multifocal: $17 N/A
Prescription Contact Lenses
(in lieu of eyeglasses every 12 months)
Conventional: Up to $200 allowance
Disposable: Up to $200 allowance
Medically Necessary: No charge
Contact Lens and Fitting: Up to $60 copay
Conventional: Up to $105
Disposable: Up to $105
Medically Necessary: Up to $210
Contact Lens and Fitting: Up to $105
(combined with elective contact lens allowance)


Laser Vision Correction 15% off the regular price at contracted laser centers and 5% off the center’s promotional price N/A

View additional details in the 2023 Benefits Guide and review cost for coverage.

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