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As a Hitachi employee, you have access to great financial benefits, including credit unions, home loan deals, and student loan assistance. 

Home Loans
Student Loan Assistance

Home Loans

As part of the Hitachi Groups discounts, Quicken Loans offers you many services to help with one of your most important investments: your home.

Here are the benefits available to you:

  • Home financing — Receive free appraisals and up to $1,250 in mortgage savings!
  • Financial wellness program — Get free access to articles, webinars and special offers available only to Quicken Loan members.
  • Access to a dedicated team — Connect directly to the Quicken Loans team via Hitachi’s own toll-free number (1-800-443-3450) or website.
  • Complimentary mortgage reviews — Call 24/7 for a free mortgage review, including a credit report and score.
  • My Quicken Loans — Take advantage of this state-of-the-art loan processing portal, which helps you:
    1. Electronically sign application documents.
    2. Download and print important loan information.
    3. Upload documents.
    4. Check your loan status 24/7.

To learn more, contact a dedicated Quicken Loans team member at 1-800-443-3450 or online.

Student Loan Assistance

You can refinance your federal and/or private student debt at low variable and fixed interest rates with help from IonTuition. Or take advantage of IonTuition’s student loan repayment tools to organize all your student loans on one platform and find the best repayment options.

Tools and resources include:

  • Loan management help: View current loan status, balance, monthly payments and daily interest accrual all in one place.
  • Loan literacy library: Access a robust library of content covering all areas of student loan repayment.
  • Repayment calculators: Calculate interest and time saved from overpayments. See prequalified offers from 300+ refinancing lenders. Get matched to federal repayment options such as income-driven plans.
  • Expert advice: Speak with counselors via phone and web chat, and gain priority access to all Federal loan servicers.
  • College planning guidance: Find an affordable school with a record for setting up graduates with high-income careers.
  • Refinancing options: Learn the pros and cons of refinancing federal student loans and tie into a network of refinancing offers.
  • Text and email options: Receive loan status notifications through text or email.

You can activate your free IonTuition account online, or call 1-855-456-2656 to get started.

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